Greyhawk Destinies


Time was spent finding certain individuals with the ability to disarm and open the trapped scroll case. After having a standoff with thugs from the local thieves guild 401 we located a person whom could open the device.

Shortly after, we traveled back to the tower to complete clearing it out of monstrous inhabitants. Along the road we came across a band of adventurers whom were all dispatched by a group of goblins, except for one unfortunate half elf.

We proceeded to relieve the goblins of their lives and assisted the half elf. He informed the group that they were looking for a path through the woods from Dyvers to the nearby river so trade would be streamlined. The group took up the adventurers cause for their payment and were off to complete the tower.

Once in the tower a lair of phase spiders was found, along with an undead in a room on his own. He had a magical javelin +1.

Other odds and ends were found and distributed to the group.

Afterwards we traveled to Dyvers, passing through a small town/defensive structure, where a half-orc tried to purchase our loyalties in providing him the information on the path that we find. The group declined the offer.

We then went trailblazing through the woods. We were attacked by a group of Kobalds. We also located an Orc in the area who was non-violent. In fact his whole tribe was non-violent. They were farmers who simply wanted to ply their trade in relative safety, but were in the forest because of the view of their race as a whole.

The party promised to bring their cause to light in the area if the Orcs would show them the fastest path to the river.

-I don’t have my notes with me, I’ll update this with more specifics when I have them. -Justin



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