Greyhawk Destinies

Log - Unlikely Beginnings

Setting – Free City of Greyhawk
Date – CY 576 (Coldeven 5th – 7th)

Wealthy benefactor

Davian Hawklight, a well-to-do merchant of Greyhawk, offered Cricket fifty gold orbs to explore a nearby property that he had acquired. Davian indicated that there may be some humanoids or other riff-raff that has moved into the area. The land is largely unoccupied other than an old watchtower known simply as Hightower.

The unlikely heroes

Cricket posted an advertisement seeking adventurers or fellow explorers that would be interested in a mission exploring some nearby ruins. There were only four individuals (the party members) that met him outside the sheriff’s office to inquire about the job.

The two unlikely heroes, Beast and Magneto, were interested in earnign a little coin to further their own adventures. This seemed like as good an opportunity as any to help them to that end.

The other two were a pair of elves, or more accurately an elf and a half-elf. Both seemed somewhat aloof and not entirely concerned about the overall welfare of the group beyond the potential for furthering their own ends as well.

Gloomy ride in the country

The lands around Greyhawk are fairly well patrolled and the likelyhood of chance encounters with monsters or bandits is generally quite low. The only real menace facing the party at this time was the cold rain and chill in the air. The trip took almost a full day by foot and did litte to endear the group members to each other. Upon arriving at Hightower, the party was faced with the prospect of rushing in or facing the hail storm that had just begun.

Nowhere to go but down

As the party was investigating the inside of the only thing of interest was an opening in the floor above and a large stone table that was toppled over in the middle of the floor. As they prepared to make their way up to the second floor, Professor X noticed a large hold under the stone table. After a brief investigation the party decided to descend into the pit. Cricket was the first to make his way down the rope. As he reached the halfway point, havoc erupted in the chamber above when five giant rats burst through the front door and engaged the party. In his excitement, Cricket lost hold of the rope and plummeted the remaining fifteen feet. At the bottom of the shaft he found himself inside of a 20′ × 20′ cage with two hobgoblins snarling back at him. His allies in the room above were able to dispatch the rats in short order and descend into the pit.

No whine in the cellar

The hobgoblins threw a switch that raised the cage bars and allowed them to fully engage the party. Dispite some less than desirable athletics checks everyone survived the descent into the room. Once all of the heroes made it to the bottom and were able to spread out a bit, the hobgoblins went down with relative ease.

A bit of a rivalry appeared to be brewing between Cricket and Professor X at this point. Something about “always needing to be healed”. Cricket took it in stride and headed down the next passage with little care.

Bad dreams

The party made their way down a couple more passages and through a large chamber to find themselves in a room that appeared to be undisturbed for quite some. A stone chest was the only remarkable feature in the entire room. There was a thin layer of dust covering everything. Cricket blew most of it off and then Storm cast mage hand to clear off the rest of it. Professor X made is way up to the chest he was struck by the tentacles of a mimic and combat was once again underway. After a brief battle the group seemed to be gaining the upper hand when Professor X was again dealt damage by the mimic. The blow didn’t just knock him unconcious, it was actually a death blow. Before the protests were finished though, they realized that the encounter was nothing more than a hallucination. The party woke up to four goblins entering the chamber with manacles to subdue them. The goblins were not match for them though.

A crack in the alliance?

Bfore making their way to the next chamber, Magneto and Professor X had a disagreement about what creatures Magneto would be summoning. Magneto let slip that one of his minions was a demon. This is a dispute that will probably go on for some time as it goes against Professor X’s core beliefs as a follower of Pelor.

First encounter with the unliving

The final encounter for the night concluded with four skeletons. After a pitched battle the party overcame. The group decided that they had taken more time than they thought they would in clearing out the tower so they decided to make their way back to Greyhawk to renegotiate terms with Davian.


2 suits of plate mail
1 heavy shield
1 mace
3 javelins
1 spiked chain
4 short swords
4 leather armor
4 manacles
8 gold orbs
20 silver nobles
15 copper commons

Belt of Vigor (LVL 1 ) – claimed by Cricket
Bone scroll case with a magical trap – Unopened and unidentified



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