Dwarven Knight


Name – Storm
Race – Dwarf
Class – Knight
Homeland – Nyrond

The day Stormageddon was born the town suffered the worst hail storm ever experienced in living memory, not just destroying crops, but damaging many buildings and objects left outside. On his first birthday floods struck. The day he learned to walk a serious disease walked through town killing many. The first job he apprenticed at burned down the night after his very first day. Almost every momentous day in his life, tragedy struck those around him. Day after day, year after year. Even if he had nothing to do with any tragedy, even if he was miles distant, he was blamed.
By age 13 only his father, a blacksmith by trade, survived. The rest of the family his mother, sister, and assorted aunts, uncles, and cousins had all perished in various mishaps, including drownings, fires, and even a broken neck after tripping and falling down. They left town joining a caravan hoping to just start over and perhaps escape the bad luck that had followed him all his life. While on the road tragedy struck once more, leaving him physically unscarred, but scarred nonetheless. A band of orcs and ogres attacked the caravan. A group of druids, rangers, and wardens came by and were able to defeat the monsters, but all in the caravan except Storm perished. The group of guardians took him in and helped him overcome his guilt and fear and taught him to fight against evil and mishap instead of just standing around and letting it happen.
Currently Storm is a member of the Grey Order. Although not a religous order, these group of knights tend to follow the ideals of Dol Dorn the god of courage and physical prowess who also exemplifies duty and war. Aside from maintaining peak physical prowess and well tested battle skills, the Grey Order also has a reptuation for getting the job done. The only way that they will fail in a contract is if the other party reneges on their portion of the contract or if the members of the Grey Order are dead.


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